• SUBJECT:English language
  • HEADING:ibps po
    1. Sentence

    A group of words which makes complete sense is a sentence.

    Examples (1) Birds fly.           (2) It is a good college.

    (3) The children of that school wear blue uniform.

    (4) This is the theory which throws light on superconductivity.

    1. Parts of a sentence

    A sentence can be divided into two parts: (1) Subject and (2) Predicate

    Here are some sentences divided into the two parts.

                A                                 B

          (Subject)                    (Predicate)

    1. Birds                                   fly.

    2. Mohan                                 is an engineer.

    3. He                                       teaches Engineering Graphics.

    4. This intelligent girl              has passed her examination in the first division.

    5. The President of India        has awarded “him a gold medal.

    Notes: (1)The words underlined in Part A are Subject words and those underlined in Part B are verbs.

                (2)The Subject is a noun or a pronoun with or without other words going with it.

                (3)The Predicate is the verb with or without other complement, adverb, adverb phrase. etc.).

                (4) The subject of the sentence usually comes first but occasionally the predicate precedes.

    Example          ● Down went the Royal Francis.

    Exercise – 1

                Underline the subject parts in the following sentences.

    1. The train arrived late.
    2. He was the captain of his team.
    3. There was a large crowd on the platform to receive the team.
    4. Birds of the same feather flock together.
    5. The Prime Minister with all his Cabinet members has submitted his resignation  to the President.