Marketing Aptitude & Computers Knowledge


166. —————— systems are used to mine customer data, particularly when undertaking

research into characterizing customer groups and their product/ service usage.

a) Customer relationship management (CRM)

b) Marketing information system (MIS)

c)  Computer –assisted wed interviewing (CAWI)

d)   NVivo

e)   None of these

167. Information collected for the first time specifically for a marketing research study is


a)  secondary research      b)   primary research      c)   soft research

d)   experimental research      e)   None of these

168. Social grade is a means of classifying the population by _______

a)   Needs      b)  occupation      c)   lifestyle      d)      personality

e)   None of these

169. The purchasing strategy is based on collaboration in research and development. This is


a)   bargainer      b)   clockwiser     c)   adaptator      d)   updator      e)   None of these

170. With respect to consumer behaviour, one’s friends and relatives could be considered


a)   impersonal influence      b)   reference group influence

c)   perceptual influence       d)   institutional influence     e)   None of these

171. Consider the following:

1. C      2. C++      3. COBOL

Which among the above is/are high-level languages (HLL)?

a)   Only 1       b)   1 & 2       c)   2 & 3       d)   1, 2 & 3      e)   None of these

172. A Digital Certificate can identity-

1. an individual

2. a server

3. a company

Choose the correct option:

a)   Only 1       b)   1&2      c)   2&3      d)   1, 2 & 3      e)   None of these

173. Which among the following is a high-level language used to develop software

applications in compact, efficient code that can be run on different types of computers

with minimal change?

a)   FORTRAN      b)   C      c)   COBOL      d)   ALGOL      e)   None of these

174. Which among the following has been standardized in the IEEE 802.3 specification?

a)   Bluetooth      b)   Ethernet      c)   WiMAX      d)   All of them

e)   None of these

175.    Dynamic Adhoc Wireless Networks (DAWN) usually come under—-?

a)  2  G      b)   3 G     c)   4 G     d)   5 G       e)   None of these

176.    The peak cell rate (PCR), sustainable cell rate (SCR) and maximum burst size (MBS)

are used for measurement of?

a)  Bandwidth     b)   Channel  Capacity    c)  Frequency  Modulation

d)  Amplitude distortion     e)   None of these

177.    What do we call a storage device where the access time is effectively independent of

the location of the data?

a)    Direct Access Storage Device     b)   Secondary  Storage Device

c)  Primary Storage Device       d)  Gateway Device    e)   None of these

178.    What is the use of Digitizer as an input device?

a)  To Convert graphic and pictorial data into binary inputs

b)  To Convert graphic and pictorial data into analog inputs

c)  Debigging        d)  Converting digital data to analog output.

e)  None of these

179.    What would be the number of bytes, transferred at the rate 1 Kilobit per second?

a)   100      b)   108      c)   125       d)   140      e)   None of these

180. The terms Goodput, Throughout and Maximum throughput are most closely associated

with which among the following in computers?

a)   Bit Rate      b)   Response Time      c)   Command Line Interface

d)   Random memory      e)   None of these

181. Consider the following:

1. Software

2. Hardware

3. Internet Programmes

The terms Bug and Debugging are generally used in which among the above?

a)   1 & 2      b)   2 & 3      c)   1 & 3      d)   1, 2 & 3      e)   None of these

182. Consider the following:

1. Application software

2. Hardware

3. Operating systems

The PDF documents are dependent upon which among the above to display the text,

fonts, graphics, and other information contained by them?

a)   Only 1       b)   1 & 2      c)   1, 2 & 3      d)   2 & 3      e)   1 & 3

183. The terms “push and pull services” in context with the Banking are used in which

among the following generally?

a)   Rural Banking      b)   Unit Banking      c)   Online Banking

d)   Mobile Banking   e)   None of these

184. The One-time password (OTPs) can be obtained by a customer, via which among the


a)   Approaching the nearest Bank Branch      b)   SMS on Mobile

c)   E-mail by applying for OTP online        d)   All of the above

e)   None of these

185. Which of the following company owns/uses the Virtual Hard Disk (.vhd) format for

Virtual PC?

a)   IBM      b)   Microsoft      c)   Intel       d)   Google       e)   None of these

186. While browsing the internet, which of the following key is used for full screen view?

a)   F3      b)   F5       c)   F11        d)     F9        e)   None of these

187. ADSL data communications technology uses which of the following for faster data


a)   Voicebrand modem      b)   Wireless Modem      c)   Copper telephone Lines

d)   Sockets             e)   None of these

188. In the MICR Code Line Structure what is represented by the first three digits of Sort

field number consisting of nine digits?

a)   City      b)   Bank      c)   Branch      d)   Account Type      e)   None of these

189. Which among the following is the most common source of Viruses to the hard disk of

your computer?

a)   Incoming Email      b)   Outgoing Email      c)   CD Roms      d)   Websites

e)   None of these

190. What is HTTP 404?

a)   An error message indicating server not found

b)   An error message indicating moved permanently

c)   An error message indicating forbidden.

d)   An error message indicating server found

e)   None of these

191. Your senior has asked you to make arrangement for a seminar to be scheduled after two

days. You somehow manage to finish it with great effort and dedication. On the day of

seminar, your senior gets disappointed on seeing the arrangement and rebukes you in

front of everyone. You will

a)   leave the job immediately.

b)   leave the place and think of resignation.

c)   blame the sub ordinates for bad work as you had completed the work with great

d)   ask for a detailed feedback and assure him that in future you will take care of this.

e)   None of these

192. You have got a job in a reputed bank. Your friends are insisting you to treat them on the

occasion. You have invited them and treating them at a restaurant. When the ball

arrives, you realize that you have forgotten to bring your wallet. Your credit card and

ATM cards are in your wallet. What will you do?

a)    Leave the restaurant without telling anyone

b)   Ask one of your close friends to pay and promise him to pay back next day.

c)   Try to convince the manager as the restaurant so that you can pay the bill later.

d)   Create a scene and announce that you forgot your wallet, in front of everyone.

e)   None of these

193.  You are the bank manager of an upcoming private bank.  There have  regular

complaints about an employee by many customers in written.  What would you do?

a)  Punish the concerned employee instantly

b)  Sack the employee from job as it is affecting the brand image.

c)  Call the employee and after knowing the fact take action.

d)  Try to enquire about the employee from his co-workers and till then give assurance

to the customers.

e)   None of these

194.  A Lady with a te-nagar boy comes to you.  Lady asks you to counsel her young boy for

not engaging in unlawful activities.  The women appears to be very apprehensive and

nervous.  She tells you that he keeps a bad company also.  What would you do ?

a) Tell the lady politely that is not your work.

b) Assign this work to some other person preferably your subordinate as you have other

important works to do.

c) Talk to the boy in a friendly tone and convince him for not engaging in unlawful

activities.  Try to make him understand that unlawful activities attract penalty and is

not considered as good conduct.

d) Advice lady to go to some psychologist.

e)   None of these

195.  You are working as a purchase officer in a public sector bank.  You have been asked to

purchase shoes and clothes for field executives.  You have floated a tender for the

procurement.  On seeing the price mentioned by the suppliers you found that the lowest

price was approximately three times more than the last purchase rate and the approved

rate of the bank.  You would

a)  accept the lowest price

b)  refer the matter to the higher authority of the department

c) reject the proposal and call for a fresh price

d) ask the lowest offer for price negotiation

e)   None of these

196.   You are head of Corporate Social Responsibility Department of a public sector bank.

You are on a tour of epidemic hit village to distribute vaccine.  You are left with only

one   vaccine.  There is a requirement of that vaccine from gram pradhan and also a

poor villager.  You are being pressurized by Gram Pradhan to issue the vaccine to

him.  You would

a)  arrange vaccine for the Gram Pradhan from the distributor of another area and give

the only vaccine left with you to the poor villager.

b) ask both to approach a doctor and get an input about the urgency.

c) arrange vaccine for the poor villager from the distributor of another area and give

the only vaccine left with you to the Gram Pradhan.

d) initiate the procedure to expedite the next supply without issuing the vaccine to

e)   None of these

197.   The local newspaper has published defamatory article about the deputy commissioner

of police.  Moreover, it lacks proper ground and research.  What should he do?

a) React immediately in the Media

b) File a case defamation on the media

c) React if the information comes through proper channel

d) Try to contact the editor of the newspaper and seek explanation from him.

e)   None of these

198. You are working on an important project under a strict monitoring by media. Because of

personal reason, you want to take leave. What would you do?

a)      Not take leave and try to concentrate on work.

b)      Meet the senior and seek concurrence.

c)      Take leave without informing anyone.

d)     Write an application to your senior and handled it over to your friend to give it to him.

e)   None of these

199. You are general manager of a bank. Your bank has taken up a project to create night

shelters for homeless people during the winter season. Within a week of establishing the

shelters, you have received complaints from the residents of the area about the increase

in theft cases with a demand to remove the shelters. You would?

a)      Continue with the project and ignore their complaint.

b)      Ask residents to consider the humanitarian effort made.

c)      Ask them to lodge a written complaint in the police station.

d)     Assure residence of an enquiry into the matter.

e)   None of these

200. You are working in the IT department of a public sector bank. You have to accomplish a

very important task related with “Jan Dhan Yojana” for your bank within the next two

days. Suddenly you meet with an accident. Your office insists that you complete the

task. You would?

a)      Ask for an extension of deadline.

b)      Inform headquarters of your inability to finish on time.

c)      Suggest alternate person to department who may do the needful.

d)      Stay away till you recover.

e)   None of these




166.  (a) There  has been a strong trend towards using customer relationship management

(CRM) systems, to mine customer data, particularly when undertaking research into

characterizing customer groups and their product/ service  usage.

167 (b) Primary research is research conducted for the first time, involving the collection

of data for the purpose of a particular project…

168 (b) `Social grade’ refers to a system of classification of consumers based on their socio

-economic grouping.  `Social grade’ was originally developed for the National

Readership Survey (NRS) in the 1950s.  Social grade is a means of classifying the

population by the type of work they do based on the occupation of the chief income

earner (the member of the household with the largest income).

169. (d) The `up-dator’ purchasing strategy is based on collaboration in research and

development.  Here, collaboration between partners is continuous and the nature of

the relationship is not a dyad but a supply network.

170 (b)  One’s friends and relatives could be considered a reference group.  Consumers

learn through imitation (i.e. social learning).  We’ve learnt, for instance, by observing

and copying out parents and friends.  As consumers we may consider our opinions,

attitudes, values, and behavior patterns in relation to those of our reference groups.

Reference groups are those groups `that the individual tends to use as an anchor point

for evaluating his her own beliefs and attitudes.  A reference group may be positive; i.e.

the individual patterns his or her own beliefs and behavior to be congruent with those

of the group, or it may be negative;

171.   (b)        172  (d)        173  (b)        174  (b)      175  (d)   176  (a)     177  (a)


178  (a)            179  (c)       180  (a)       181 (a)     181  (c)   182   (e)


183.  (d)  Mobile Banking (Mobile Banking refers to SMS sending on customer’s request and

without requests.


184.   (d)         185.   (b)        186.   (c)     187.  (c)    188.   (a)     189.   (a)    190.  (a)


191.  (d)  Though you worked hard for the arrangement but your work is not upto the mark

according to your senior.  You should approach him, once he calms down, asking for

his feed back and assuring him of being in future.  Feed backs are the best way to


192.  (b)  The best way to avoid any chaos or embarrassment is to share your problem with

one of your close friends and ask him or her to pay for now, assuring him that you

will pay back the very next day.

193.  (a)  Since the bank is upcoming private bank so its brand image is valuable for you as

well as for every employee.  Considering the several written complains from the

valued customers, it is best to first punish the concerned employee momentarily and

if the problem persists then employee can be sacked.  Calling the employee will not

solve  the problem as he can never tell anything against himself.  Option (d) will be

time consuming procedure.  So, answer is (a).

194.  (c) As lady is very apprehensive and nervous, so it requires your immediate response,

albeit it is best to take help from an extent like a psychologist in this situation.  Also to

prevent unlawful activities at the early stage as a responsible citizen your immediate

action should be to give counseling to that teenager boy.  So answer is (c).

195.  (c)  Whenever question is associated with financial implication, you must consider the

Cannons of financial propriety.  As it is a public money so you have to spend it

judiciously.  So you cannot accept the lowest offer as it is three times higher than the

approved rate.  It is best to reject the proposal and refloat the tender. Now again if the

same price comes then you can refer the matter to the higher authority and wait for

their approval.  In general Price negotiation is ethically not permitted.  So,

answer is (c).

196. (b) Here you don’t know, who is in more  need of the vaccine.  So it is imperative to

take advice from a specialists i.e., a doctor.  So, after the advice of doctor, you can give

medicine to the more needy person.  Not giving medicine to any one is an unwise

step.  So asking both to approach a doctor and get an input about the urgency is the

best action.  So, answer is (b).

197.  (c) Deputy Commissioner needs to react only if information comes through proper

channel.  So, answer is (c).

198.  (b) Whenever you are facing personal problems, doing the things deviating from

normal Course of work, you must inform to your senior and seek concurrence.  So,

answer is (b).

199. (d) It is true that General Manager of a bank does not have solution to these type of

problems spontaneously but being on such a responsible post, he/ she should never

tell the person that he cannot do anything about their requests or problems.  People

have come to you with some problem so you must assure them of an enquiry into the

matter.  Asking them to lodge a written complaint in the police station is like moving

away from taking responsibilities.  Since you bank had started the project it’s your

duty to take help of police to enquire into the matter.  So, answer is (d).

200. (b) It is mentioned in the question that work is very important and time is limited.

Since you meet with an accident, so it’s your responsibility to inform department

about it mentioning your inability to finish on time.  Staying away and not informing

department may lead to disciplinary action.  It is not mentioned in the question that

whether department knows about your accident or not.  If department knows it and

event then insists to complete the task then it is better to ask for an extension of dead

line.  Suggesting alternate person is also not right.  Department will choose alternative

option in your absence.  So your first job is to inform headquarters about the accident

mentioning your inability to finish on time.