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A) Main Written Examination

  • Paper-I – General English : 100 Marks
  • Paper-II – General Knowledge : 100 Marks
  • Paper-III – Education : 150 Mark

B) Viva Viva Test

OES Exam Syllabus for Odisha Education Service (School Branch)

A) Main Written Exam : Full Mark : 350 Mark
Main written exam consists of three papers, English, GK and Education

Paper-I : General English Syllabus :  100 Marks

General English paper will be of +3 Degree level. Objective of this paper to test the understanding and writing power in English

  • An Essay of 50 Mark will be asked
  • Precis Writing in English
  • A letter Witting in English

Paper-II : General Knowledge Syllabus : 100 Marks

In General Knowledge papers, the questions will be asked from these subjects.

  • Indian History,
  • Geography,
  • Current Affairs
  • Scientific knowledge

Paper-II : Education Syllabus : 150 Marks

Education: The paper on Education will be of Post-Graduate standards carrying maximum mark of 150. The subjects for this paper are as follows:

1. Philosophy of education

  • Contemporary western educational thought & contemporary Indian educational thought.
  • Education and society, social control, social change, process of socialization and modernization, determinants of culture, culture and education.

2. Educational psychology.

(a) Learning

  • Nature and scope of learning
  • Theories of learning and laws of learning
  • Transfer and training
  • Motivation, functional autonomy of motives

(b) Individual differences

  • Differences due to heredity & environment
  • Types and extent of individual differences
  • Educational provision for individual differences

(c) Intelligence- It’s nature and measurement, special abilities and their measurement- tests and their administration.

(d) Personality and its measurement

  • Definitions
  • Traits of personality
  • Measurement of personality

(e) Adjustment

  • Mental health and adjustment
  • Conflict, frustrations and complexes
  • Defence mechanisms
  • Behaviour problems in schools
  • Teacher’s mental health

3. Educational administration and supervision

(a) Principles

  • Scope of educational administration and the factors determining it.
  • Principles of educational administration in a democracy.

(b) Education control and management

  • Educational authorities, Central, State and Local, their organization , powers & functions.
    Important central agencies such as U.G.C., N.C.E.R.T.,
  • All India Council for Technical Education.

(c) Supervision

  • Concept, scope and principles
  • Objectives
  • Planning and Organization
  • Techniques

B) Viva Voce Test : 

The commission will shortlist the candidates based on the cut off mark. The cutoff mark will be set by the commission. The written qualified candidates will be called for the Viva Voce test. The final selected candidates will join the Odisha Education Service.