Speaking English on Adoption

Speaking English is very challenging  non English speakers.Regular conversation will help the students a long way in boosting their speaking skills.

How is adoption regarded in your country?

Do you know someone who was adopted? Can you think of any famous people who were adopted?

How does being adopted affect a child’s view of themselves?

What are some of the reasons people adopt children?

What are some of the reasons people give children up for adoption?

What do you think about the adoption system in your country?

What do you think about couples that adopt children from different countries?

What qualities make a couple or a person qualified to adopt a child?

Should the adoption process be more or less difficult than it is now?

Should people be able to decide what type of children they want to adopt? For example: boy or girl, hair color, age, etc.

How much should the government be involved in the adoption process?

What are orphanages like in your country?

Would you ever adopt a child?

What is the maximum number of children a couple should be able to adopt?

What celebrities do you know of who adopted a child?

What are some ways that adoption rates could be improved?