SPOKEN ENGLISH Started in 1999, Bidyasagar Classes has become the most sought after institute for spoken English in Bhubanewar today. Over the last 17 years tens of thousands of students have successfully completed the course at this centre, so much so Bidyasagar Classes has been acclaimed as a synonym for spoken English in the Temple City. Students who do Bidyasagar classes SPOKEN ENGLISHS course a perform well in academics, enhance their employability and outshine others at the work place. The uniqueness of Bidyasagar Classes spoken English course is that there exist four levels to accommodate different degrees of proficiency: Foundation, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. A mandatory interview is conducted before admission to assess the proficiency and to allot the applicant to appropriate level. The course enables you to enrich your confidence, creativity and communication skills. There are four sessions held yearly in January, May, July and October. Each session consists of approximately 40 classes. One hour classes are held in the morning or evening for 5 days in a week (Mon through Fri). This course has grown in popularity among college students, housewives, industrial workers, business personnel as well as Bidyasagar Classesmembers of voluntary organizations. The phenomenal success of Bidyasagar Classes Spoken English Course is attributed to the vision of To promote personal, interpersonal and community growth. Here a tBidyasagar Classes , students learn English not individually but collectively, helping, interacting and nurturing one another. Learning English at Bidyasagar Classes goes hand in hand with positive personal transformation. It helps one to be self-confident and effective in communication with others, leading to mature human relationships thus enriching one’s own life and the lives of others. Join Bidyasagar Classe  and live the fullness of Life.Bidyasagar Classes: A synonym for Spoken English in the Temple city… since 1999 THE LEVELS: Foundation: Aims at making the students aware of the basic sentence structures and usage. Students are encouraged to do written as well as oral exercises. Opportunities are given to deliver short speeches too. Bidyasagar Classes SPOKEN ENGLISH Elementary: Helps students to learn more grammar and use it in conversations. Opportunities are given to deliver short speeches, GD, develop Public Speaking skills, etc. Intermediate: Aims at making the students conscious of the importance of reading and diction. Ample opportunities are given for short speeches, group discussions, develop public speaking skills, interview skills, etc. Advanced: Furthers the skills learned in the previous levels. It also includes group activities, public speaking skills, personality development and mock interview, etc. FEATURES: LANGUAGE LAB Grammar Pronunciation and Reading Vocabulary, Collocations, Proverbs and Idioms Role Plays Phonetics Public Speaking Etiquettes and Manners Conversations Group Discussions Presentations Netiquette Video Recording & Feedback INTERVIEW: Every applicant is required to come for an interview. The purpose of the interview is to assess the present speaking ability of the applicant, so that s/he can be assigned to the appropriate level. TIMING: Morning: 8.00 to 9.00, 9.15 to 10.15. Evening: 3.45 to 4.45, 5.00 to 6.00, 6.15 to 7.15.  The Application Forms are available . Fees: Application Form: Rs 50.00 Total Course Fee: 5000.00 (Including Admission fee and Service Tax) FOR NEW BATCH SEE www.bidyasagarenglishacademy.com