The entire world has now become your backyard. The most vital skill required to fulfil your organizations boundless dreams is an ability to communicate in the language of the world which is English. English is the language of Education, Business, Science, Government and Entertainment. And the organization that sets the benchmarks for English training is Bidyasagar Classes

Few recent surveys reveal the demand for Spoken English at Institutes & Workplace in India

  • Only 18.43% of engineers who graduated in 2013 are employable in jobs.
  • Fluent English speakers earn 34% more than others.
  • Only 20% of Indian population can speak in English, of which only 4% are considered fluent.
  • Around 47% graduates are not employable for any job due to lack of English language skills.
  • 75% technical graduates in India are not ready for jobs.

Boundaries in today’s world are merely political. Economic reality has erased the boundaries of yesterday and Globalization and Internet have made English indispensable in the modern Era.

Bidyasagar Classes offers tailor made spoken English classes to make a candidate fluent in English and face this challenging world with confidence.