1.Nouns followed by Prepositions

>) Acquaintance with  : I have no acquaintance with Maria.

>) Affection for : Raman has a strong affection for that poor girl.

>) Apology for  : She offered him an apology for her conduct.

>) Aptitude for : The Marwaris have great aptitude for business.

>) Assurance of Mr.Desai gave us no assurance of his support.

>) Blame for : Advani accepted blame for the accident.

>) Candidate for : Raman is a candidate for the post.

>) Capacity for : Aftab has no capacity for mastering facts.

>) Care of : Take care of your health.

>) Cause for : There is no cause for anxiety.

>) Cause of : She is the cause of the whole trouble.

>) Charge of : A charge of murder was laid at his door.

>) Claim on : I have every claim on you.

>) Claim to : He set up a claim to the throne.

>) Complaint against : Why don’t you lodge a complaint against your noisy

>) Confidence in : I hope she will justify my confidence in her.

>) Control over : Miss Helen has no control over her class.

>) Disgrace to   : She is a disgrace to her family.

>) Duty to          : We owe a duty to our country.

>) Excuse for    : He has no excuse for remaining absent.

>) Fondness for : His fondness for her is natural.

>) Freedom from : Health means freedom from care.

>) Grief at : He felt grief at the death of his son.

>) Hatred for : Her hatred for him was very great.

>) Heir to : The prince is heir to the throne.

>) Influence with : I have no influence with the Magistrate.

>) Interest in : I have no interest in music.

>) Invitation to : She has sent us an invitation to dinner.

>) Leniency to : You have shown undue leniency to her.

>) Leisure for : I have no leisure for amusement.

>) Limit to : There is no limit to his ambition.

>) Longing for : Her longing for her son is great.

>) Match for : Peter is no match for Abraham.

>) Need of : Raman is always in need of money.

>) Neglect of : He is blamed for neglect of duty.

>) Obedience to : I praise her obedience to her husband.

>) Objection to : I have no objection to your going there.

>) Peace with : I am always at peace with my neighbours.

>) Pity for : The king felt pity for the poor.

>) Prejudice against : He has a prejudice against Hakims.

>) Pride in : Her great pride in her wealth is foolish.

>) Progress in : Jack had made no progress in her studies.

>) Quarrel with : I know nothing of his quarrel with her.

>) Regard for : I have a great regard for him.

>) Remedy for : Quinine is a remedy for malaria.

>) Reputation for : Ghafoor has a reputation for honesty.

>) Respect for : The young have no respect for old age.

>) Slave to : A drunked is a slave to drink.

>) Slave of : You musn’t make a slave of your servant girl.

>) Subscription to : What is your subscription to the Famine Relief Fund?

>) Sympathy for : All the people felt great sympathy for her in her troubles.

>) Sympathy with : I have no sympathy with her foolish views.

>) Taste for : Kamala has no taste for music.

>) Traitor to : He is a traitor to his country.

>) (The) Victi